Petrossian Caviar

Two boiled eggs topped with 15 grams of Petrossian caviar served with blinis and sour cream


Sombok Kuy Teav in Phnom Penh


Sombok Kuy Teav

Rice noodle soup with fresh Khmer herbs.
Select beef or pork


Sombok Kuy Teav with Seafood


Sombok Kuy Teav with Seafood

Rice noodle soup with seafood
and fresh Khmer herbs



Sombok Kuy Teav Flambé

Rice noodle soup with beef flambé, fresh Khmer herbs



Short Rice Noodle with Fish Balls Soup

Fresh short noodle soup topped with fish balls, mushrooms and fresh herbs


Roast Duck Noodle Soup


Roasted Duck Noodle Soup

Fresh yellow egg noodle soup with our signature Kandal roast duck


Foie Gras Roast Duck Noodle Soup

ស៊ុបមីលឿងទាខ្វៃ និងថ្លើមក្ងាន

Foie gras Roasted Duck Noodle Soup

Our classic yellow noodle soup with roast duck, embroidered with the rich flavor of foie gras



Seafood Wonton Soup

Fresh yellow egg noodle soup with seafood and pork wonton


Borbor Chicken at Sombok Restaurant


Borbor Chicken

Traditional Khmer rice porridge, organic jasmine rice, slow cooked in free range chicken broth, fresh herbs


បបរគ្រឿងសាច់ជ្រូក និងគ្រឿងសមុទ្រ

Seafood & Pork Porridge

Traditional Khmer rice porridge with seafood, pork and fresh herbs



Borbor Fish

Traditional Khmer rice porridge with fish



Grilled Pork Ribs with Steamed Rice

Marinated pork ribs with honey and sesame seeds served with egg, steamed rice and vegetable pickles



Grilled Chicken & Turmeric Fried Rice

Special marinated free-range chicken, served with
turmeric fried rice and crunchy vegetable pickles




Roasted duck with Steamed Rice

Sliced roasted duck served with steamed rice, vegetable pickles and fermented soya bean sauce



Chicken Curry with Rice Noodle

Slow-cooked chicken in yellow curry paste, coconut milk, sweet potato, and long bean. Served with fresh rice noodles



Stew Beef with Bread

Slow cooked beef ribs in palm sugar, star anise and cinnamon stick. Served with local bread


Classic Num Banh Chok


Classic Num Banh Chok

A signature Cambodian dish, rice noodle served with pounded fish in a yellow curry, vegetables & herbs


Signature Num Banh Chok

នំបញ្ចុកសម្លខ្មែរ (សាច់ត្រី និងពងត្រីសាម៉ុន)

Signature Num Banh Chok

Our traditional num banh chok complimented with succulent salmon roe


Vegan Num Banh Chok

នំប​ញ្ចុកសម្លខ្មែរ (បួស)

Vegan Num Banh Chok

The signature Khmer classic, (no fish sauce or meat broth) & supplemented with soy protein



About Num Banh Chok

Regarded by many Cambodians as a dish of national importance, Num Banh Chok represents the ideal balance of fresh and savoury flavors.

One of our
most popular breakfast foods, it is the perfect start to a productive day.


Continental Breakfast

Croissant, chocolate croissant, bread, homemade jam and butter



Muesli Bowl

Muesli with fresh fruits, yogurt, honey and fresh milk



Western Breakfast

Two eggs any style with bacon, home made sausage,bread and butter


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