Sombok Restaurant’s New Website

Sombok Team

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new website! Here, you will find information about our food, promotions, set menus and more.

Sombok Restaurant features the “Kimsan Twins” as the head chefs of our restaurant. This is their second restaurant after the success of the Embassy Restaurant in Siem Reap.

In keeping with with the tried and trusted methods of Embassy Restaurant, Sombok has taken the fine dining experience to Phnom Penh.

We have a 100% all female team to serve your needs.

Our talented chefs use the best local and international ingredients and only the most luxurious and finest ingredients available.

The Kimsan Twins have travelled the world to promote Cambodian talent and learn new experiences and techniques which they have brought back to Cambodia to offer international qualty grastonomy to our Phnom Penh patrons.

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